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The main objective of the Homerion Cultural Center is the recognition, promotion and support of the intellectual, artistic and scientific work, which nourishes the emotions and the mind of the youth and encourages people to search and experience a higher quality life.

The Homerion also aims to promote the cultural, educational and scientific collaboration between Chios and other cities.





The purpose of the institution is the operation of the intellectual and cultural center, for the cultural and intellectual development of the country.

The Homerion's objectives are achieved through numerous ways:

  1. It organizes and produces cultural activities related to the intellectual and cultural life of individuals and collaborates with active local organizations throughout the year. These activities include theatrical productions, concerts, film screenings, dance performances, art exhibitions, national and international conferences, lectures etc. It also provides material and moral assistance to cultural actors (individuals or associations) of our Municipality for the production of cultural work.
  2. Another important area of action of the Cultural Center is the education of young people and their involvement in various forms of art. This is achieved mainly by organizing workshops, which train students in various fields like theater, painting, iconography, sculpture-painting on clay, photography, traditional dances, traditional musical instruments, bookbinding, traditional stone processing, wood carving, construction of traditional musical instruments, Byzantine music, mosaic, puppet etc
  3. The outcome of this effort is not limited within the Island of Chios. We are constantly trying to encourage our artistic workshops, our producers and cultural associations to tour other cities in Greece and abroad.
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