INTROThe Homerion Cultural Center was founded by Michael and Stamatia Xida and its construction was completed in 1980. In 1985, it came under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Chios and has operated as a public entity ever since. It is managed by a 9-member board of directors.

The primary objective of Homerion is the cultural and intellectual development of the island. This is achieved through selected -outside of Chios- collaborations, but also with the support of the artistic and scientific work and achievements of Chian creators. That's the main reason it is working along with other cultural associations of the island, whose efforts always supports and encourages.

conf hallBeing one of the most modern convention centers in our country, it mainly hosts scientific conferences. Moreover, its services and facilities are available to individuals and organizations throughout the country for concerts, shows and all kinds of events.

Since 1989 there have been a lot of active workshops, where children and adults seek their creativity or express their skills guided by experienced teachers.

The Homerion Cultural Centre has an important role in the cultural map of Greece, as it serves the local society in many ways. Although located in Chios, it embraces the whole Greece and gazes the future!

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